Sun seeped into the van

in long stretched out corners,
falling warm on our skin.

Colours became deeper, golden.

Late at night,

we ate pieces of buttery corn

and unwrapped chunks of garlic bread
thick with brie.

Walking back to the campsite

we collected large branches and magnolia flowers.

From a small crescent of sand

that dipped into the lake, we swam.

They blew air

into the inflatable pool, letting it rest
on the surface of the lake.

We flopped in one by one,

laughing as we tried to stay afloat.
Limbs layered over limbs.

We drifted together on the water,
watching boats speed by.

One night we walked until the town lights left us.
Following each other,

we wandered along the path,

walking through voids of space.
Unseen winged creatures

fluttered in the trees as we passed.

We dipped our hands and faces in the lake.
In torchlight, logs looked like eels.

We shared cups of coffee, dark and syrupy
with brown sugar, cinnamon and cream.

                                                                                    Briana Jamieson, Mimicry 3, September 2017


Briana Jamieson
© 2020