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Welcome to Nowhere Poetry
Sinead Overbye, Dani Yourukova, Joanthan Peters, Rebecca Hawkes, Tarns Hood, Rose Northey, Lizzie Murray, Nathan Joe, Ellen Morgan Butler
Curated by Briana Jamieson and Jordan Hamel
Welcome to Nowhere Festival, Whanganui
11/01/20 - 12/01/20

Lizzie Murray, 11/01/20

Rose Northey, 11/01/20

Nathan Joe, 11/01/20

Jordan Hamel, 11/01/20

Rebecca Hawkes, 11/01/20

Ellen Morgan Butler, 12/01/20

Sinead Overbye, 12/01/20

Sinead Overbye, 12/01/20

Jonathan Peters, 12/01/20

Tarns Hood, 12/01/20

Dani Yourukova, 12/01/20

Dani Yourukova, 12/01/20

Briana Jamieson
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