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Poetry Performances
Welcome to Nowhere
Near Whanganui
6/02/21 - 7/02/21

AJ Anderson O’Connor, Ash Davida Jane, Dan Goodwin, Eleanor Rose King Merton, Stacey Teague, Leva Kusari, Rhegan Tu’akoi, Ruby Solly, Freya Daly Sadgrove

Curated by Briana Jamieson and Jordan Hamel

Stacey Teague, 7/02/21

Leva Kusari, 7/02/21

Ruby Solly, 7/02/21

Rhegan Tu’akoi, 7/02/21

Freya Daly Sadgrove, 7/02/21

Freya Daly Sadgrove, 7/02/21

AJ Anderson O’Connor, 6/02/21

Ash Davida Jane, 6/02/21

Dan Goodwin, 6/02/21

Eleanor Rose King Merton, 6/02/21

Briana Jamieson
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