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Through Branches / Scattered Across the Lake

Maisie Chilton, Negin Dastgheib, Rebecca Hawkes, Jake Fairweather, Alice Fennessy,
Yasmina Gillies, Anna Higgins, Briana Jamieson, Saskia Bunce-Rath, Marielle de Geest

Curated by Briana Jamieson
Welcome to Nowhere Festival, Whanganui
11/01/20 - 12/01/20

Marielle de Geest, Organza on chiffon

Moscow is undergoing a lot of restoration and building work, and while it has no shortage of beautiful, grand buildings, a lot of them are covered in scaffolding while they are repaired. The fabric shrouds around the scaffolding are often printed with digital renders of the original facade, and often you don’t notice until you’re up close that the facade is a facade.

This image was taken at 9 Tverskoy Boulevard in Moscow. Someone had adorned each of the barred windows of this building with big, red organza sashes. They caugh the sunlight in the dreamiest way, like plastic or glass.

Fabric is printed on fabric, like buildings printed on their scaffolds, an untruth in materials.

Briana Jamieson, On our last day together it was sunny, oil on canvas

Yasmina Gillies, Stand with your head held high, the sun is shining on your back, cotton dyed with nasturtium leaves and wild cherry tree leaves

The banner is about being empowered by the strength of the natural world, specifically the sun, which nourishes us physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is intended as a sigil, imbued with this message.

The yellow fabric is dyed with nasturtium leaves and the brownish orange fabric is dyed with wild cherry tree leaves. The brownish fabric was almost the same yellow as the yellow one and only changed colour when hanging out to dry in the sun.

Saskia Bunce-Rath, The Morning Star, acrylic on canvas

Jake Fairweather, Sun, nylon and wood

Jake Fairweather, Sun Set

Jake Fairweather, Sun Set

Briana Jamieson
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